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The Warrior and The Captive (Scenario)

The night before the sacrifical ceremony, intended to prevent the approaching Great Death, one of the tribe's warrior freed the sacrifical captive, who claims the tribe could escape the planet before the cataclysm. Together they grabbed what supplies and valuables they could, loaded their pack animals and travelled for many days, until they found a safe space to settle while they look to the stars and plan how to leave this doomed world. ----------------- Main objective: (1 - "Escape the planet") The warrior and the captive must escape the planet before it is destroyed in four years. Optional/bonus objectives: (2 - "Forgive and Forget") Capture and convert at least 3 tribals, and take them with you when you leave the planet. (3 - "Never Leave Animals") Take all your animals to you for your new life. (4 - "Vengeance") Attack and destroy an enemy tribal base, before you leave the planet. The scenario is intended to be a challenging, immersive story. Recommendations: - Strongly recommend having one character be a "brawler" and the other have "too smart" trait with at least a 5 in the intellectual stat, to fit the theme (sadly you can't force this in the scenario editor). - Setting high rainfall and temperature to simulate a jungle-world. - Permadeath. - Cassandra with rough/intense/extreme. -------------