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RandomThings - Ice Is Nice

Allows Ice flooring to be mined and the blocks used for typical furniture. Ice Mining can be found in the Designation Category. The ice terrains found primarily in ice sheets and sea ice can be mined. Beware, mined ice will create shallow water! This is not buildable on by default; be sure to plan accordingly. ========= Update 1.1 ========= - Yield Up. 3 > 2. - Mine Speed Reduced. Slow Down. - Mining Effects. Tink. Tink. - Raw Ice Melts. Keep refrigerated! - Metallic Weapons can be made of Ice. Stabby Stabby. - Damage Values modified. Stab Hurts. Bashing not so much. - Minor Beauty from Ice. Ice IS Nice. - Health Down on Furniture. Get your picks out! =========================== Non Steam Workshop Link : https://github.com/madolinn/RimWorld_IceIsNice