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Nomadic Tribe

Your people's forebears have always traveled the land looking for places for their herd of animals to graze the land. In the year of your youth, your father, your tribe's Khan, faced many hardships with finding new land for the tribe's livestock to graze on. Your father also faced many years of bandit raids and attacks from hostile tribes, and several outbreaks of illnesses. As the years have passed, you've grown into a man and the steward of your fathers court. along with your new founded position in your fathers court and your title of a man. You've ment several scholors who've revealed new inventions to you in the ways of farming and fighting off your enemys. You soon share your new founded knowlege with your people, who rejoyce in happienss with their new improvements of thier daily lifes. After your father and many of the menfolk died in battle, you become your tribe's Khan and have to decied the future of your tribe... Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 9 people. Start with research: Brewing Start with research: Stonecutting Start with research: Smithing Start with research: Drug production Start with research: Moisture pump Start with research: Nutrient paste The stat "construction speed" will be universally multiplied by 125%. The stat "market value" will be universally multiplied by 150%. The stat "comfort" will be universally multiplied by 110%. The stat "research speed factor" will be universally multiplied by 175%. The stat "train animal chance" will be universally multiplied by 150%. Start with: -Silver x800 -Pemmican x750 -Herbal medicine x30 -Muffalo wool tuque x7 -Great bow x3 -Steel spear x2 -Silver longsword -Cow x5 -Pig x3 -Chicken x6 -Husky x4 -Cat x1 -Steel x250 -Wood x300 -Passive cooler x5 -Agave fruit x175