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DOOM - UAC Furnitures

Last update: Hospitality compatability patch, Nano pod cannot be minified anymore Adds powerful UAC buildings in the game. (lol more like overpowered amirite?? chicken plucker and his broken mods, rip) Faction link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1133691528 Furniture list: - Nano Pod Able to heal scars, requires another person to open. Rapid healing - Nano Bed - Animal Nano Bed Rapid healing beds that use perishable nanobots - MFS Cell Portable Microfusion Storage Cell that requires plenty of components to build - MFS Lamp A lamp based on the MFS Cell design - Aerospace Heater - Aerospace Cooler 3x more effective than the normal heater and cooler, but requires more power - UAC Hydroponics Uses nanobot technology to speed up plant growth Credits: Odstriman - Textures Viceroy - C# Coding