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Cyberpunk Factions [1.0]

This mod is an addon to my Cyberpunk mod. As such, it will require my Cyberpunk mod to work. Currently, this mod adds the following Cyberpunk 2020 corps as factions: Arasaka Militech Lazarus IEC Petrochem Sovoil It also changes tribes to nomads. Future updates to this mod will further tweak these factions to differentiate them a bit more. Discussion, constructive criticism and new ideas are always welcome. Change Notes ----------- v1.3.1 ----------- Adjusted heat/cold insulation values on apparel ----------- v1.3 ----------- Updated mod for RW 1.0 ----------- v1.2 Update for Alpha 18 ----------- v1.1 Added new factions - Lazarus, IEC, Petrochem and Sovoil Added faction specific uniform items Added faction icons