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Concrete Walls

Adds really strong walls, embrasures and doors. And Concrete slabs for building this walls and other stone stuff from vanilla and other mods. And one research for crafting it in Electric smelter. ================= You must have Stonecutting and Electric smelting researches exists for beginning. Then you need to research 'Concrete works'. After this you can create concrete slabs at Electric smelter. It costs 4 any stone blocks and 1 steel or 1 any stone chunk and 5 steel (result is 5 slabs). And finally you can build any 'stone' thing you want with concrete (x5 stronger) - walls, tables, beds, thrones, or volcan turret from additional turrets mod. and anyway you can build embrasures - special wall that u can shoot trough. Last updates: ================= Update on 3/1/2020 1:47:58 AM. - added option for allow/disallow build embrasures in mod settings -------------------------- Update on 2/28/2020 5:32:09 AM. - updated to 1.1 - removed separate button for concrete wall - use regular wall with concrete material - allow build embrasures with any wall material ================= github link https://github.com/porohkun/ConcreteWalls