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[h1]ANNOUNCEMENT[/h1] (19 September 2022) A brand new [b]DINOSAUR[/b] mod has been released! Brought to you by the awesome people over at [b][url=https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2038000893]Biomes![/url][/b], lead by my good friend [url=https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079800832]Draegon1993[/url], a new mod by the name of [b]Biomes! Prehistoric[/b] has been released. [b][url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2860715703&searchtext=prehistoric]Click here for Biomes! Prehistoric[/url][/b] [img=https://i.imgur.com/ykI4wWz.png][/img] This new mod will feature: - 51 dinosaurs, synapsids and pterosaurs, including all the species in Dinosauria, - 9 brand new prehistoric plants never introduced before, - Fresh, high resolution art, that is vanilla but waaay more updated than Dinosauria, - Compatibility with other biomes in the Biomes! series (including Biomes! Islands) - Comes packaged with additional Flying and Aquatic animals (yes, in addition to the 51 species) which can be activated optionally ([url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2038001322]Biomes! Islands[/url] required), Also planned in the future, - Even MORE dinosaur and plant species! - Dinosaur related memes and ideos - New biomes to experience - New, original music [h2]What does this mean for the future of Dinosauria?[/h2] We want people to transition smoothly between the mods, but this is not always possible to establish due to design differences. Dinosauria will still be maintained for future versions and expansions of RimWorld, but no new features will be added, no new compatibility patches be written, no re-balancing will be done and no minor bug-fixes will be made (major ones, if any identified, will of course be attended to). I still personally play RimWorld and won't be stopping anytime soon, and I will be lending a hand to the Biomes! guys the best way I can. It has been an amazing 6 years maintaining this mod and seeing the attention it received by the community made me genuinely happy. Happy colonizing! [img=https://i.imgur.com/NfBvXVr.png][/img] [h1]Description[/h1] What if we were to finally discover dinosaur DNA sequences, despite being incomplete, and fill the blanks with various genome sequences spliced from left and right, with a little bit of imagination to help guide us? Wonder no more! A group of Glitterworld scientists, having long abandoned the ideals to terraform the rimworlds with a purpose, went out of their ways to answer just that. With the mechanoids long having gone haywire with their terraforming projects, the dinosaurs created in labs were slowly introduced into fauna that should otherwise have resembled a 21st Century Earth, with little to no care as to their compatibility with existing wildlife and the forsaken rimworld colonists, the latter of which nobody seems to care about anyway. [h1]Dinosaurs[/h1] 32 new species of dinosaurs are introduced through this mod, all of which spawn in various different biomes: - Ankylosaurus, - Brachiosaurus, - Brontosaurus, - Utahraptor, - Gallimimus, - Iguanodon, - Pachycephalosaurus, - Parasaur, - Spinosaurus, - Stegosaurus, - Triceratops, - Tyrannosaurus Rex, - Velociraptor, - Carnotaurus, - Protoceratops, - Yutyrannus, - Corythosaurus, - Diplodocus, - Dryosaurus, - Baryonyx, - Dilophosaurus, - Compsognathus, - Therizinosaurus, - Minmi, - Gigantoraptor, - Dakotaraptor, - Deinocheirus, - Pteranodon, - Stygimoloch, - Quetzalcoatlus, - Magyarosaurus, - Allosaurus. [h1]Features[/h1] - Dinosaurs are meant to be rare. Overall, they spawn less frequently than vanilla animals. - Theropods are harder to tame than Thrumbos! - Following are pack animals with amazing carrying capacities: stegosaurus, triceratops, magyarosaurus, ankylosaurus. - All dinosaurs lay eggs of various sizes. Some species lay unfertilized eggs for farming. - All spawn naturally in various different biomes. Some species favor specific bimoes more than others (modded biomes require patches) - Only the Triceratops horns and the Tyrannosaurus Rex skull drop as exotic items. New items are planned. - Full sexual dimorphism. [h1]Compatibilities[/h1] As of Rimworld 1.3, this mod includes the following compatibility patches: - A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics - Giddy Up! Battle Mounts [h1]Credits and Thanks[/h1] I'd like to thank Spino for his inspiration with the amazing Megafauna mod. Sarj Bjornson has also always had my back when I hit a wall. Thank you all. --- [h1]Disclaimers[/h1] - Scientific accuracy was intended, but not always fully followed (ie. featherless utahraptor). A lot of artistic license has been used in some colorings. - Well aware that some dinosaurs need to be covered in feathers. The lore of this mod explains why some dinosaurs came out bald. - Well aware that Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, but were really important members of the Jurassic and Cretaceous fauna. - No dinosaur is currently shearable. - As of b0.19, all assets for dessicated animals became unique. However, since creating art requires time, currently the mod runs placeholders. - May fix bugs here and there, unannounced. - Support will only be given to the latest release. --- Have a comment on balance, on the sprites, or have a bug to report? Make sure to deliver your request nicely, and you shall be heard. Don't forget that nobody is entitled to anything, and us modders do these for the community and we enjoy giving. If you wish to use any part of this mod and make your work public, please just drop me a line out of courtesy. So, just be nice, play nice. Also check out the [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35678.0]Ludeon Forums[/url] thread. More in-depth mod discussion will probably be carried out there. A non-steam link can also be found there, although I HIGHLY recommend the use of Steam Workshop, as this is where I prioritize my updates. Happy colonizing!