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If you feel that fighting one raid at a time is too easy and want some real challenge then this mod is for you. Fight 2, 3 or as many as you like raids at the same time. Show those raiders who owns the land! Or die trying. B18 version is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206031733 Does not affect the frequency of raids or other events. The mod changes class handler for RaidEnemy incident. The new wrapper class will spawn additional raids with a specified chance: for (int i = 0; i < extraRaids; i++) { int spawnChance = rng.Next(1,101); if (spawnChance <= spawnThreshold) { SpawnRaid(); } else break; } Spawned raids will have varying tactics and spawn locations. The mod should be compatible with existing games and any storyteller, provided this mod is loaded last. Mod has several variables to adjust: 1) Extra Raids[0,inf) - defines maximum number of additional raids to spawn. The more raids spawn the fewer points each raid has. 2) Spawn Threshold[0,100] - chance for the current raid to be spawned. If current raid is not spawned then no more additional raids will spawn. For example, 50% threshold means that you can have 1 extra raid at 50% chance, 2 raids at 25%, 3 raids and 12.5% 3) Points offset[0, inf) - if more than one raid spawn, raid points are rescaled with this formula: points = points*(1/totalNum + pointsOffset). 4) Force Desperate[true, false] - removes safety check from faction selection. Allows to have regular raiders and tribesman on extreme dessert/ice maps. 5) Force Raid Type[true, false] - forces every 3d raid to drop pod in center, every 4th to siege. Faction restrictions apply(tribesmen will never drop or siege). 6) Random Factions[true, false] - Allows spawned raids to belong to different factions.

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