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Nanitride Pills

Adds Nanitride pills, an advanced preventive medicine. It'll prevent a *lot* of stuff, but it's very, very expensive to research and make. Intended to be a late-game preventive measure. It lasts about as long as Penoxycyline. Prevents: • Malaria • Gut worms • Muscle parasites • Fibrous mechanites • Infections • Flu • Sensory mechanites • Sleeping sickness • Plague Researching: It can be researched on a hi-tech workbench with a multi-analyzer for 3500. It's a spacer-level research. Producing: In order to make Nanitride, you'll need the following: • 10 Psychoid leaves • 15 Neutramine • 2 Medicine • 1 Plasteel It can then be produced on a drug table like other drugs. Let me know if it's too OP or too expensive! Thanks for checking the mod out!