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Sonic the Hedgehog - Misc pack

[h1][b]Type of addon: Ragdolls and props[/b][/h1] [h1][u][url=https://pastebin.com/9TwvrsBu]Links for Source Filmmaker versions[/url][/u][/h1] (Extract to your Steam's [i]SteamApps/common/SourceFilmmaker/game/usermod/[/i] folder) Sonic the Hedgehog models, [i]not playermodels[/i], [b]not NPCS[/b], but models, so don't ask if they're anything else. [h1]Source:[/h1] [list] [*]Sonic Generations [*]Sonic Unleashed [*]Sonic Colors [*]Sonic and the Black Knight [/list] [h1]Contents:[/h1] [*]Cookie (has eyeposing) [*]Flicky (has eyeposing, alternate Super Flicky skin courtesy of Hyperchaotix) [*]Pecky (has eyeposing) [*]Picky (has eyeposing) [*]Omochao (has bodygroups and alternate skins) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Orca [*]Sea Turtle (has multiple sizes) [*]Wisps (Standard/Yacker, Cube, Drill, Float, Frenzy, Laser, Rocket, Spike) [*]1UP [*]1UP (Unleashed) (has alternate skins) [*]Animal Capsule (has a flex and bodygroups) [*]Air Spring [*]Balloons (has alternate skins) [*]Bobsleigh [*]Bombs [*]Button (has a flex and alternate skins) [*]Camera [*]Cannons [*]Chaos Emeralds (4 sizes, alternate skins) [*]Checkpoints (has an alternate skin) [*]Chocolate Bar [*]Chocolate Sundae [*]Damage Panel [*]Dash Panel [*]Dash Station [*]Dash/Rainbow Rings [*]Egg Blimp (has bodygroups) [*]Egg Coaster [*]Eggman Medal [*]Egg Mask [*]Eggman Springs (Generations and Unleashed) [*]Experience Crystal [*]Firework and Firework Stand [*]Grind Rail Booster [*]Hint Ring [*]Hot Dog [*]Iron Box [*]Item Boxes (has bodygroups) [*]Item Box Icons [*]Jump and Trick Panels [*]Moon and Sun Medals [*]Pulleys and Pulley Stands [*]Ring, Super Ring, Red Ring, Goal Ring [*]Rocket and Rocket Stand [*]Sandwiches (3 different ones, third has bodygroups) [*]Sawblade [*]Seaside Hill Kart [*]Seaside Hill's rolling boulders [*]Seesaw and Seesaw Ball [*]Shock Bar [*]Signposts [*]Sonic Generations Logo [*]Spring (has alternate skins) [*]Springs (Classic) [*]Springboard [*]Spring Pole [*]Star Cannon [*]Stopwatch (has alternate skins) [*]Swords (Old Sword, Caliburn, Excalibur, Gawain's Swords, Lancelot's Swords, Percival's Swords, Galahad's Sword and Lamorak's Sword) [*]Thorns [*]Thorn Ball [*]Thorn Grinder [*]Thorn Semicircles [*]Thorn Spring (has alternate skins) [*]Trip Plate [*]WallJump Block [*]Wide Spring [*]Wisp Container [*]Wooden Boxes [/list] [h1]Recommended:[/h1] [url=http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=106281995][b]Sonic the Hedgehog addon collection[/b][/url] [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104604943]Easy Bodygroup Tool[/url] (Switch between alternate skins with this.) [h1]Thanks:[/h1] Thanks to RandomTBush for Omochao. Special thanks to chrrox, Link, ItsEasyActually and Kentilan for the original model-porting script. Special thanks to Hyperchaotix for the Super Flicky skin. Nibroc.Rock, Nusanagi, Mister Prawn, and Hyperchaotix for their respective promotional images. [h1]Disclaimer:[/h1] Everything here is ©Sega, and is used without permission.

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