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[WD] Fast Moisture Pumps

[h1] Description: [/h1] A small patch that makes Moisture Pumps faster for 4 times. (The entire circle takes 15 days instead 60) [h1] Features: [/h1] -Moisture Pumps works for 4 times faster. (15 days instead 60 for the full circle). -Moisture Pumps have 100hp instead 50. -Now Moisture Pumps can be replaced like Deep Drills or Mortars. [b] Known Issues: [/b] Sometimes pumps are invisible after building. This problem appears mostly after installation the mod over an existed save game. [b] Saved games compatibility: [/b] Installation: With caution. Possible, but may cause "invisible" pumps in some cases. Remove: Not tested. Not recommended. [b] Other mods compatibility: [/b] No known issues. [h1][b][url=https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s9ijbma4ba6axm/AAC9BqrTBrS1DDS2J3YZVZkxa?dl=0] Previous and non-Steam versions [/url][/b][/h1]