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Planet Z - HardCore SK Mod Pack Required

Feeling brave and foolish you decide to go and prove everyone wrong and live and work on the Planet Z Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 4 people. Incident created: -Solar flare -Eclipse -Razor rain -Enemy raid -Trader caravan arrival -Boulder masshit -Toxic fallout Permanent game condition(s): -Flashstorm: Extreme amounts of lightning are hitting a small region. -Volcanic winter: The atmosphere is choked with volcanic particles, significantly reducing the amount of light which reaches the surface. Temperatures will be colder and plants will grow slower. -Climate cycle: A multi-year climate cycle due to an elliptical orbit. Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x10 -Ship wreck x5 - Granite Carine x25 You will also need the following mod [RF] Wild Cultivation [a17]