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Compost Fecal Sludge [A17]

Adds some inter-mod compatibility: the ability to craft fecal sludge (from Dub's Hygiene) into raw compost (from Rainbeau's Fertile Fields). This is a very simple XML-only mod; it adds a single recipe to the crafting spot to craft 5 fecal sludge into 1 raw compost. It requires both Dub's Hygiene and Rainbeau's Fertile Fields to work, and should be loaded after (below) both of them. It should be safe to add or remove from saves at will, but for safety please remove all crafting-spot bills involving it from your save before removing the mod. I'll upload an A18-compatible version of this mod if and when the mods it requires have A18 updates released.

Зависимости мода

Логотип мода

Dubs Bad Hygiene