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[WD] Materials For Vents

[h1] Description: [/h1] Allows to build vents of any material to match walls better. Since 1.4 the vents are paintable! [h1] Features: [/h1] -Allows to build vents of any material. -Supports materials from mods. -Any vent requires 15 steel (instead 30 in Vanilla) and 5 material. -Vents have same amount of HP to walls built of same material. -Vents work completely same to Vanilla ones. -Since 1.4 the vents are paintable. [b] Known Issues: [/b] No known problems. [b] Saved games compatibility: [/b] Installation: Highly not recommended. May cause many different problems. Remove: Not tested. May damage your saved game. [b] Other mods compatibility: [/b] - Doesn't override anything. Better to instal after other mods that changes Vanilla vents. [b]Compatible:[/b] - [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1503448404 ] In-wall Coolers And Vents [/url] (Install it before my mod) - The majority of other mods. [b]Incompatible:[/b] - No known mods. [h1][b][url=https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s9ijbma4ba6axm/AAC9BqrTBrS1DDS2J3YZVZkxa?dl=0] Previous and non-Steam versions [/url][/b][/h1]