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Additional Conduit (A17)

A18 Update Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207706612 Introduces additional conduit options for varied applications across the colony. Includes ● Outdoor Conduit - Toughened for outdoor use. Fire resistant. ● Fancy Conduit - Beautiful conduit that improves the vibe of it's surroundings. ● Buried Conduit - Buried for maximum durability. More work to build. Does not count for/against the beauty of an area. (Visible to us for construction management reasons.) Additional requests welcome ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Stats~ Outdoor MaxHitPoints 400 WorkToBuild 60 Flammability 00.1 Beauty -2 Cost 4 Steel Fancy MaxHitPoints 50 WorkToBuild 60 Flammability 00.4 Beauty 5 Cost 2 Gold Buried MaxHitPoints 2000 WorkToBuild 200 Flammability 0 Beauty 0 Cost 1 Steel