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Deep Core Miner A16

A deep core driller capable of pulling out any non-rock vanilla material you want, given enough power and work by your pawns. Created the mod to address the issue that the new deep drillers still have a limited amount of resources you can pull. For people who like to play long term that's still not enough. Required Deep Drilling research from vanilla core. Should be compatable with most other mods. Allows you to mine for Steel, Plasteel, Uranium, Gold, Silver and Jade. Requires a substantial steel and plasteel investment. Also is quite a bit power hungry. The acutal process takes a while, since you're drilling deep into the core. To balance out the "infinte pool of resource" side, your returns are fairly small, but given enough power and time you can create a fully sustainable industry for your colony. Idea lifted directly from the Industrialization mod. All credit for the idea goes to eatKenny from the forums. [u][b]FAQ:[/b][/u] [b]What are the requirements? [/b] [i]The base game. This mod does not depend on any other mods.[/i] [b]Are their any compatability issues?[/b] [i]None that I am currently aware of, and there "shouldn't" be any as this mod does not change any base coding.[/i] [b]How do you install?[/b] [i]Subscribe to the mod. Enable mod in game.[/i] [b]What order should this be loaded?[/b] [i]It can be loaded anywhere after the game's core mod, as it doesn't depend on any other mods.[/i] [b]Can this be used with old saves, or only with new games?[/b] [i]This mod does add a new jobgiver into the game. There is a known issue where adding a new jobgiver will break pawns who are active in jobs already. If you are running mods on your saved game, the chance of this happening increases. I suggest starting a fresh save game, but if you wish to use this with an old save and you do have a pawn (or pawns) who start behaving very oddly, one reported work around is to use dev mode (turn it on in options before loading the colony). Check your pawns to see if they are acting wierd (well, more wierd than normal...most of them are nuts to begin with). You can reset their little pawn brains by using the Tool:Down tool to down your pawn. After that, you can either heal them in game normally (hey, free experience for your doctor!) or you can use Tool:Apply Damage... select restore body part, and then select torso to completely heal your pawn (warning: This will also fix old injuries, if you with to preserve those, heal the specific body parts in order). This will get them back on their feet. They will have a negative mood because of the shock of pain. If you fully healed them it should wear off quickly. [/i] [b]Any Known Issues?[/b] [list] [*][i]If you set the mining and/or work speed for your scenario to an insane amount (1000% for example) it's not uncommon for your pawn to pull up 25k or more of materials when using the driller. This can cause minor annoyances (do you have any idea how long it takes to drop that many items in groups of 75?) to slightly more minor annoyances (the game might have trouble figuring out where to dump said piles and throw a warning in your console.) It's not game breaking, but it can happen. Also, be advised that selecting the pawn and recruiting them will cause them to vomit all the resources in a circle around them....which is pretty funny, but also a huge mess that will tie your haulers up for a good long while.[/i] [/list]