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Research Expedition v0.2

Your team has been dropped on the planet to survey and research. Take care not to wipe out all indigenous species. once all research is complete you are free to construct your return ship. Note: best played in a cold and mountainous biome with scientists for maximum realism... Goodluck. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 3 people. Start with research: Deep drilling Start with research: Hydroponics Start with research: Geothermal power Start with research: LED growing lights Incident created: -Cold snap -Resource pod crash -Refugee pod crash -Wanderer join Start with: -Silver x500 -Lab coat x5 -MedKit x20 -M14 EBR -M16A4 x2 -M40A4 -Muffalo wool parka x3 -Muffalo wool pants x3 -Wood x500 -Steel x1000 -Muffalo wool tuque x3 -USMC Battle Parka (snow) x3 -Packaged survival meal x50