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Military Base Vanguard

Some would call this assignment a punishment. Shipped out to a distant Rimworld to set up a military base. Just three 'highly trained' personell. With hardly enough supplies to keep you alive in the field, much less last until self-sufficiency, the three of you are sure this is a suicide mission. Thankfully, you're stubborn. You intend to see this mission through. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 3 people. Arrive in drop pods. Player starting characters have a 50% chance to start with cryptosleep sickness. Player starting characters have a 85% chance to start with high on wake-up. Start with research: Gun turrets Start with: -Silver x800 -Packaged survival meal x44 -Medicine x30 -Component x30 -Bolt-action rifle -Pistol x2 -Steel x450 -Mixed lumber x300 Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x7 -Steel x720 -Packaged survival meal x7 (This was made with the Extended Woodworking Mod, which changed the wood into 'Mixed Lumber' I am unsure whether its compatible with basegame or not so I've added it to the required mods section.)