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Thermal Generator

Idea is based off subnuatica thermal generator. But for those interested, idea of making heat into electricity without temperature differential is not new. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/427140/graphene-battery-turns-ambient-heat-into-electric-current/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_generator As of current stage, its intended for modder to play around, later it will be released as a proper mod. This is a project intended to create a new building class, thermal generator where heat can be converted into power. Thermal generator act as reverse heater, cooling the room to minimum configured temperature and generating power. I am trying to write an XML friendly version, so that by chance someone wants to make their own thermal generator, they only need to write xml code and implement graphic. All they need is the assembly code(.dll file) or be subscribe to this mod. This is intended for modder to play around with, so far it has a heater graphic as place holder. [b]Uses for Thermal Generator.[/b] Thermal generator are great for recycling heat, ideally used with centralized climate control mod. Otherwise stick it in a enclosed space with lots of heat, such as closed off exhaust port of cooler. Thermal generator are greate for hot places, deserts, jungle and heat waves. But they stop working once the surrounding temperature drops below the minimum temperature. When above optimal temperature, thermal generator can absorb a lot of heat. [b]Features [/b] [list] [*]Custom XML injection, bless Tynan for this witch craft. Custom building stat can be imported from XML code instead of assembly. [*]Generate electricity. [*]Cools surrounding room. [*]Code Uses Custom building stats. [/list] Purposely left out - Targeted temperature like cooler and heater. TODO - 2nd building model example with different stat. - Fix thermal generator power connection, currently act as utlity. - Buff power output. Quick explanation of the xml code. Find the comps line and you should get this. li Class = ThermalGenerator.CompProperties_ThermalGenerator -MinimumTemperature, is the lowest temperature the thermal generator will generate power at. It will not function below this temperature value. -OptimalTemperature, when the temperature is above this value, the thermal generator will operate at peak efficiency. 100% when surrounding temperature is above optimal temperature. When below Optimal Temperature but above Minimum Temperature Thermal generator will feel an efficiency drop. -Efficiency, how efficient the temperature is converted to energy. Efficiency of 0.9 is 90% of heat converted to electricity, the rest wasted. Based off heater rate. -Conversion Rate. How fast it convert surrounding temperature to electricity. Rate of 0.5 is 50%. -EnergyperSecond. The default is 21, this alter the amount of temperature absorbed. The higher the number the more heat is absorbed. [b]Modder Permission[/b] Free to use available code and assembly without restriction.