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The Moon That Fell From The Sky

One night the moon burst open and started to fall from the sky. Whether it was the act of a capricious god, or of the terrible death-machines that appeared during the same period, no one knows. Whatever the cause, large chunks of rock and ore now regularly crash into the planet. Priests and voodoo doctors from the armoured city-people agree: the same fate will befall the whole planet soon. Your tribe must learn to adapt, and to escape. The only thing in your favour is the valuable resources from the meteorites, which will be essential for trade and defence. To succeed, your tribe must leave its ancestral cradle and find a new, safe world. --------------- The scenario is intended to be a challenging, immersive story. Recommendations: - Have a pawn with a skill of >4 or a passion for mining, and keep other pawns random. - Permadeath. - Cassandra/Randy with Rough/Intense/Extreme