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Architect Icons

Architect Icons adds visual cues to the Arrchitect Tab. No more random clicking to find stuff! If a mod isn't supported, a placeholder icon is used. You can suggest icon support for specific mods. In the future, there might be an API for mod authors to include icons. Source: https://github.com/marcin212/architect-icons Issue: https://github.com/marcin212/architect-icons/issues Mod version: 1.8 FOR GAMERS: To add your own icon or change an existing one, go to the ArchitectIcons folder where your saves are located [example "C:\Users\Marcin\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\ArchitectIcons\tab_list.txt"]. In there you'll find a text file containing the names of all the tabs you have in your game. The list is created on game launch when you open architect tab with ArchitectMods enabled. Just create a 16x16 PNG icon with the filename like one of the tabs, case sensitive, and put it next to the text file. Your icon should be added on game launch. FOR MODDERS: If you want add icon to your tab. Just put icon to: <your_mod_folder>/Textures/UI/ArchitectIcons/<tab_def_name>.png (for example: \Textures\UI\ArchitectIcons\Rimatomics.png) Icons designed by Good Ware, Freepik, Smashicons, Nikita Golubev from Flaticon ( www.flaticon.com )