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Bo's Milkable Animals

Makes deer, gazelles, ibexes, alpacas, muffalo, bison, horses, donkeys, and sheep milkable. Don't underestimate Milk, an important part of every colonists diet. In some biomes milkable animals are rare or non-existent. Temperate woodlands and arid shrublands for example, are teeming with deer, ibexes, and gazelles yet they're only good for meat and leather. Now when these animals self-tame or a tamed herd arrives you have a reason to keep them, instead of immediately slaughtering them. This mod is save-safe and can be added/removed to new or existing games as you please. This simple mod uses PatchOperations, maximizing compatibility with other mods. I recommend placing this mod at/near the bottom of your load order, but nothing bad will happen if you don't.