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CrustyTextiles A17

[b]CrustyTextiles:[/b] Return to A17! I ended up updating the original to B18 like a noob instead of making B18 a new one. So to fix that, heres the old A17 one! I apologize for the goofup! [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1176905118]Link to B18![/url] ---------------- This mod is a quick and simple mod that adds three main features: The ability to turn all that extra leather you have laying around into patchwork leather or bonded leather and the ability to reclaim fabric from apparel. [b]Patchwork leather[/b] is a low-quality leather that allows the mixing of 5 leather of any type to produce 4 patchwork leather, losing 20% of the material in the process. A bulk version is available that is more time-efficient and material-efficient, only losing 12% of the material instead. [b]Bonded leather[/b] is an even lower-quality leather that combines 5 leather of any type and 2 cloth to make 7 bonded leaher. A bulk recipe is also included. This recipe is great for using leftover leather and cloth should you have any. Both recipes cannot be used with human leather, and have thrumbofur turned off by default (although if you really REALLY want to, you can turn it back on). However, be warned that if you put in higher-quality leather into the recipe, it loses its stats and value in place of the patchwork/bonded leather stats and value! [b]Fabric salvaging[/b], meanwhile, allows you to take anything under the apparel tab and salvage it into reusable material. This works exactly the same as weapon smelting and the amount you get back is based on your crafting skill. At 0 skill, you get back roughly 20% of the material, while at 20 skill you get back roughly 60%. This amount is further reduced by worn apparel. Be warned though, that if a piece of clothing does not have ingredients (i.e, psychic foil helmet), you won't gain any material back by salvaging it. As a result, psychic foil helmets are excluded in this recipe, although mods that add more clothing won't have that fix. This mod will be included by default in my upcoming RimCuisine mod, so stay tuned! -------------------------------------------- Version 1.1 Changes: [b]New:[/b] [b]Boiled Leather:[/b] Added an additional leather type combining 5 leather and 1 steel to make a reinforced leather that is more protective than leather (excluding rhinohide). Difficult to work with, however, and requires smithing as a prereq. Comes in a bulk recipe as well that is more effecient on steel and time! [b]Blended Wool:[/b] A simple addition that allows you to blend wool types into a decent-quality material. Comes in a bulk recipe that saves on time. [b]Changes:[/b] -Made Bonded Leather and Patchwork Leather rarer, as raiders were using these moreso than cloth and leather. Still very common though. -Added patchwork leather recipe to crafting spot (forgot to actually do that in the first version), as well as salvaging recipe. -Added technology prerequisite to bonded leather - now requires complex clothing to make. -Made bonded leather slightly more valuable (.8 to 1.0) -Made all recipes require less work, and actually added the time-efficiency bonus to bulk recipes. You save roughly 20% time making bulk as opposed to single recipes. -------------------------------------------- Let me know in the comments if there is any compatability issues - there shouldn't be, as its a very small and simple mod.