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Stranded Caravan

Your caravan has been stranded. Food has been scarce, you were forced to kill you animals along the way. Very few of you made it through the last battle for food. Don't let yourself become food for wolves to eat. Survive and get through this. Become stronger and tougher. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 4 people, chosen from 8. Your people will be between 23 and 40 years old. All characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Steadfast All characters have a 100% chance to start with malnutrition. Incident created: -Plague -Peace talks opportunity Permanent game condition(s): -Volcanic winter: The atmosphere is choked with volcanic particles, significantly reducing the amount of light which reaches the surface. Temperatures will be colder and plants will grow slower. Start with: -Steel longsword x2 -Steel knife -Recurve bow