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SProps Workshop Edition

GITHUB MIRROR: https://github.com/shadowscion/sprops [b]ATTENTION:[/b] This and the github mirror are the [b]ONLY[/b] official uploads of SProps. [b] DO NOT DOWNLOAD SPROPS FROM ANYWHERE ELSE.[/b][b] FOR THE SAKE OF CONSISTENCY AND THE REMAINING SANITY OF THE BUILD COMMUNITY PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD OR REDISTRIBUTE ALL OR PARTS OF THIS ADDON, THIS INCLUDES CONTENT PACKS OR "LITE VERSIONS".[/b] SProps is a comprehensive model pack designed to supercede PHX by improving upon it and eliminating its faults. For builders, this means a much wider selection of shapes and sizes presented in an organized format. Features: • Over 3200 unique models • More size variety than PHX • Many shapes that PHX lacks all-together, such as cylinders, domes, and rings • Organized. PHX is a mess because it had many contributors. SProps was made by me, so everything is consistent. • Complex shapes have LOD models to help with FPS on high-prop contraptions. • Accurate dimensions with model names representing them. In SProps, 12 is 12. If you build something nice, send me an image of it! I love to see my work being used. [i][b] Created by shadowscion[/b] -- this is the official workshop page, if you find another, please report it. Credits: - pac - brahe - r0nii - Neatro - Delectros [/i]

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