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Mad Max

The crisp sandy winds blow into your eyes and hair. The screams of ferals rise up over the blinding dune. You grab Chum, Dinki-Di and your scrap. Your gone when they swarm your garage. Turning in the distance you see the smokey waste of your old home. You need to escpae get to the rocket facility. You have to find the rest of the world. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The best way for you to fully play this senario is by using Edb prepare carefully and Rimsenal ferals mod. Ferals: The style of Ferals fit desert like raiders. Edb Prepare Carefully: Completely customize your character and all aspects about them. Max: No health injuries Short Hair Traits: Industrious Psychopath Iron-Willed Skills: Be able to use all skills decent at shooting. Chumbucket: Bad Back Bald Kind of Old Traits: Kind Nervous Skills: Expert Crafter Expert Intelligence Dinki Di: Normal Warg (Just Remember to Name) Starting Resources: 50 Survival Meals (Best to make berries or pemmican afterwards) Pump Shotgun Autopistol 20 Componants 400 Steel Map Settings: Rainfall None Tempature Max Dry Reccomended Mods Vehicles (when it updates to B18) Canned Food (when it updates) Main Goals/ Rules Keep on the move run from raids if you have to. DO NOT recruit new settlers. Travel to the space ship to launch off Australia to explore off the island. Also 30% map size because Australia. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 2 people, chosen from 2. Your people will be between 34 and 41 years old. Start with: -Warg x1 -Packaged survival meal x50 -Pump shotgun -Autopistol -Steel x400 -Component x20