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Freedom Fighters

[h1]BACKSTORY[/h1] As the New Rebel Alliance gathers to fight its last fight, you and your crew were sent on an investigation to the edge of the rebellion borders. As you arrive, the warning lights blare. "WARNING: Enemy ships are in contact and are closing in on our position." Before you know it, the Earth Federation is blasting holes in your ship. As you get in to your position as captain, the ship cracks in half from a missile, shot from a stealth corvette. You order all airlocks to be shut down, and evacuations to occur. Before you enter your escape pod, you gather the last remaining holographs and memorials from your past life as a loving spouse and parent, and curse those damned EF officials to their end. [i]As you walk into your job, working as a Mars Corporation of Berantium Mining desk employee, you hear on the annoucement system: "Welcome, MCBM employees. We are having an inspection day today! Remember, be on your very best behavior, and cooperate with the Earth Federation officials. As long as you work with the friendly officials, you will be rewarded!" Ugg, that announcement AI really gets on your nerves. It's friendly tone gets real annoying the 1,724,538th time you hear it. You can't wait to get a promotion and get out of this shi- You ram straight into an EF official while distracting yourself with pointless banter. "You mind if I see what's in your briefcase, citizen?" You tell him, "Sorry, EF. Company secrets." "Give. Me. The. Damned. Briefcase. NOW." You nervously hand him the case. "Alright, let's see here... Wait a god damned second, what the hell is this?" He pulls out a picture of your child. "You know for a fact that kids are not allowed in this sector of Mars." You try to explain that the other sectors are too dangerous, that your child could be injured by the terrorists in the Rebel Alliance. "Deport your child to Sector D-12, or I PERSONALLY will." You reluctantly agree. Only weeks later, a "freak industrial accident" blows up your childs' school. While your spouse was speaking with teachers about some minor infractions involved with your daughter.[/i] You still cannot believe that you thought those lies were the truth. After a few months of investigation, you and a bunch of your friends realize that those terrorists blew up the building. And the EF did not even try to look for the bastards. After joining a new rebellion group, founded on the beliefs of the old but without radicalization, you slowly but surely realized the corruption and evilness of the EF. When you rised to the rank of Cruiser Captain, the rebellion was in full effect. As you shoot down to a nearby rimworld, you watch up at the EF battlecruisers. You see them attempt, and mildly succeed, to shoot some escaping rebels, before turning their fire to the remnants of the ship. The casualties are unimaginable. The only thing you know is that the Federation will pay. When you arrive on the planet, your crew gives you the details. There is a loyalist band of colonists on this planet. You give orders to your men to prepare a new base, and tell them to be ready to fight some loyalist bastards. [h1]RULES[/h1] Because this is a pretty standard scenario, I wanted to give myself (and any others wanting to play it) some basic rules to follow. 1) You MUST be enemies of an Outlander Faction (basically, the faction that is on par with the player, with guns and stuff). They are the "Loyalists" and as such must be your enemy. The local tribes, however, are a different story. 2) Have one of your colonists be a "leader" colonist. If they die, then game=over. Basically, the crew will see it as "The nearest leader of the rebellion is dead, all hope is lost" and will give in to the Federation. 3) You may recruit more people, but if they have character traits that would be considered "loyalist" (other than the starting colonists), you cannot recruit them. If anything, you SHOULD kill them, but that is only a recommendation, not a rule. [h1]BASIC CONDITIONS[/h1] Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 6 people, chosen from 6. All characters have a 75% chance to start with trait: Trigger-happy All characters have a 50% chance to start with trait: Iron-willed All characters have a 25% chance to start with trait: Bloodlust Start with research: Microelectronics basics Start with research: Geothermal power Start with research: Gun turrets Incident created: -Resource pod crash Start with: -Assault rifle x3 -Autopistol x2 -LMG -Steel x1200 -Component x500 -Wood x2200 -Ancient concrete barrier x70