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While You're Up (A17)

NOTE: I reconstructed this in a bit of a hurry. Please let me know if you're having problems. For A17 users "So long Bob, I'm heading back home for some food!" "OK Jim. Hey, while you're heading over there, mind hauling some of this wood we chopped?" "Can't do it Bob, I'm cooking now. More important than hauling." "But Jim, you're literally walking from the forest back to where this wood needs to go. Can't you just carry some of it while you're up?" "Sorry Bob, I don't know the meaning of 'while you're up.'" ------------------------- Before starting most jobs, your colonists will look for nearby objects that need to be hauled someplace near wherever they're already going. If they can haul something useful without going out of their way, they'll do it, even if hauling is a low-priority task. Requires HugsLib. Doesn't require a new save. No known compatibility issues with other mods, but new job types added by other mods may not get the "haul first" treatment. Keep in mind: - Opportunistic hauling only happens at the start of a job. If your colonist must make a long trip in the middle of a job, they'll just make the trip like they always have. - By the time a colonist has completed an opportunistic hauling job, someone else may have started doing the work they were going to do... which means it may no longer be important for them to be wherever they are. - Before starting their original job, colonists will check for opportunistic hauling again. This can sometimes cause colonists to take on multiple opportunistic hauling jobs before doing whatever it is they were supposed to do. If you need a colonist to stop hauling and do their other work, simply disable hauling in their work priorities. Changelog: 0.1: Initial release 0.2: - Colonists use real walking distances (not "as the crow flies") to select hauling jobs - Colonists will only take opportunistic hauling jobs that move them closer to where they were originally going. This should prevent "opportunistic hauling loops". - Small efficiency improvements (...but let's not kid ourselves, they're probably outweighed by the "real walking distance" fix) 0.3: - Colonists remember the job they were going to do before they took on an opportunistic hauling job. They'll try to resume it when the hauling job is done (without looking for another hauling job). Note this results in occasional error messages in Developer Mode. As far as I can tell these are safe to ignore, but if you don't like them you can disable this behavior in mod settings. - Search radius for haulables shrank by about a third. This should speed things up a bit. - Efficiency changes to how colonists find opportunistic hauling jobs. This should make things significantly faster when a colonist has many possible opportunistic hauling jobs to take.

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