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Fool's Gold - 1 Person Survival

Gold! An enormous pile of it hidden badly under some brush. You can't believe your luck. When you returned to show your father, he and your brother where gone. Deep in the woods you hear a gravely voice speak like a twisted wind in the tree branches. "Nothing is free!" Your heart sinks as you begin to relize something is terribly wrong. Panic sets in as you grab a hold of yourself and start analyzing the situation. Your brother and father are gone and all you have is a knife and what you keep in your pack. Suddenly all this gold feels worthless and you set your mind on just one thing, Survival! Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 1 people, chosen from 10. Start with research: Greatbows Incident(s) disabled: -Ambush -Manhunter ambush -Fibrous mechanites -Sensory mechanites -Muscle parasites -Infestation -Alphabeavers -Mass animal insanity -Single animal insanity -Sleeping sickness Start with: -Alpaca wool bedroll -Steel knife -Herbal medicine x2 -Packaged survival meal x7 -Gold x1000000