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The Banished B18

You four were born into the Great Empire. You have done some unspeakable things in the Great Empire. One day each of you were thrown out by guards and if you ever came back you would have your head on a pole. Some of you have a bit of knowledge on how to build and craft. You will have a bit of gear, but it will be harsh! Can you build a better place then them? And you are very poor with only 50 silver, use it wisely. Use prepare carefully to get the armor (it hurts my eyes to read every item.) Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 4 people, chosen from 4. Start with research: (Medieval) Improved Defensive Systems Start with research: (Medieval) Food Storage Systems Start with research: (Medieval) Medieval Technologies Start with research: (Medieval) Crafting Systems Start with research: Stonelaying Start with research: (Medieval) Ice Sculpting Start with research: (Medieval) Tailoring Systems Start with: -Silver x50 -Herbal medicine x37 -Random pet x1 -Marble blocks x10000 -Wooden Boots x66 Map is scattered with: -Steel x720