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Griffins for Rimworld

This mod has not been fully playtested for B19. Please drop a note in workshop page if something is broke. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod adds griffins to rimworld. A Dog Said patch : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217424702 B18 version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0b4bayjzyuw4jc/Griffin.7z?dl=0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally bio-engineered as loyal, intelligent flying mounts on a low gravity world. These formerly mythical predators are now an uncommon sight on most worlds. While grounded on this planet, they are still extremely fast runners. Half bird of prey, half large feline, these carnivores need a large amount of food and are typically solitary hunters. Featuring large, beautiful plumage, griffins are majestic and proud creatures. And while dangerous, they can make for loyal, affectionate pets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: Base body size: 1.23 Base health scale :2.3 DPS: ~6 Wildreness:0.9 Madhuntchanceontameatempt:0.007% Spawnchance : 0.01-0.03 (uncommon) depending on the biome. Only 1 spawn per spawngroup. Speed: 6.75 Hunger rate: 1.1(above average) They hunt a lot, make sure that it`s not colonist pawns/pets! They also nuzzle,a lot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patches: 24/02/2020 Changed About.xml to new, correct format. 9/12/2018 Added missing <tradetags> 8/9/2018 Updated to B19. 8/12 Lowered the spawn chance to lower values - I never intended them to be this common. After a longer playtesting I am more satisfied with this value. 3/12 Changed <manhunterOnTameFailChance> 0.009->0.007 Few cosmetic changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got any suggestions or something to say ? Conact me : Jakiroshy@gmail.com Credits: Jakiroshy - XML stuffs Hella jeff - Sprite arts