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Medic Addons B18

This is an unofficial update for Sulusdacor's [sd] medicaddons. The Mod; - Adds 8 new medical facilities, 3 medieval, 2 industrial, 3 spacer. - All are linkable to any vanilla beds, they provide doctoring bonuses and later surgical. My Changes; - Medieval and Spacer Medical Care Research Costs boosted. 500, 1600(vanilla research), 1500(Doubles To 3000) respectively. - Added Industrial Medical facilities to Vitals Monitor Research, which is now called Industrial Medical Care. - So now you get your Vitals Monitor with the rest of the industrial equipment once researched. - Added SurgerySuccessChance(15) to Spacer vitals monitor, since Vanilla Vitals Monitor has a value of 10. - May tweak other bonuses, since they may be too little or just enough, need your opinions. Credits; Sulusdacor - Original Mod Author.