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Immersive Human Sounds B18

An unofficial update to Ricky's Immersive Human Sounds Mod, from A16 to B18. A simple Mod that adds pain and death sounds to various pawns. Now, battles will sound and feel more immersive and alive! Base mod currently adds; - Pain and Death sounds for human pawns. - Foxes share sounds with Wargs, which fit oddly well. These mods are currently supported; Androids - Androids also sound like human pawns, while Droids share pain and death sounds with Centipedes. Ferians - Since there are no Fox noises in Vanilla, they also share sounds with Wargs, which like the fox fit well for them. Orassans - Now your cat like Orassans even sound cat like. Beast Man Tribes - Added and shuffled around sounds so they now sound like their more animalistic counterparts. Avali - While there isn't any source on how they actually sound like, I hope you like how they sound like now. Callistans - While Callistans are canine like I felt human sounds fit better for them. Ni'Hal - There's something therapeutic about xenophobic driven mass "Purification". Argonians - This one is a little iffy honestly, may change at a later date. Notice; This mod should be loaded after all other mods mentioned here, but also you don't need any of these mods installed for this mod to work, they are added in a way that it can be used with or without them. Planned; - Leave suggestions if you have any ideas. - Eventually replace assets that aren't mine to fully make it into my own mod. Disclaimer; - I won't be able to add in new sounds that don't have vanilla triggers, Tynan himself has to add the triggers into the game, before I can add sounds for stuff like Lovin' or sleeping. - Still learning how to make new sounds (using vanilla assets right now). Credits; Ricky - Original Mod Author. Drakortha - Sample video of human sounds.