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[B18] Less Arbitrary Surgery

This mod changes surgery success to be less arbitrary and random. It doesn't change your surgeon's chance of success, but it does change failures in the following ways: -If they don't succeed, they get a second chance to succeed with non-lethal injuries. -If they fail, they have a chance to only give non-lethal injuries based on their surgery skill (as they identify that the patient is dying and abort the surgery). -If they fail that, then the death on failed surgery chance is reduced by their chance to successfully complete the surgery. -If the surgery is not lethal, the difference between catastrophic and minor failure is based on the surgery success chance, instead of being a literal coin flip. -Only impaired pawns will ever have ridiculous surgery injuries. -Instead of doing 30 damage on a minor failure and 65 on a catastrophic failure, minor failures do 10-20 damage and catastrophic failures do 30-60. This makes it so that some surgeries (like on the head) are not disproportionately lethal even on minor failures. -Instead of doing between 50-100% of a part's remaining health in damage per surgery injury, failures do between 10-25% of a part's remaining health, so that an injury is far less likely to kill or sever a part on a patient unless its total damage exceeds the part's remaining health. -You will receive the body part or implant back on a minor failure. Obviously will conflict with any other surgery mods. Compatible with Psychology, EPOE, A Dog Said, DE Surgeries, and Mechanite Augmentation.

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