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Aircrafts + 3.3

Aircrafts+ expands the arsenal of air units. Version: 3.3!! You can download earlier versions 1.0-1.8 and 3.0 in corrodinggames forums. Link: http://corrodinggames.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7231 [img]https://i.imgur.com/YFJ3nqp.gif[/img] [url=https://discord.gg/DFuYQnU][img]https://i.imgur.com/0dG2g3t.jpg[/img][/url] CORPORATIONS [WIP]: [img]https://i.imgur.com/ROwSlp3.png[/img] [b]Saux inc. is an USC aerospace and defense corporation formed in 1999. It's currently the largest USC defense contractor, supplying it with many technological innovations.[/b] [list] [*] Drone "SD-01", is a marvelous technological innovation that implemented plasma technology for the first time on major scale. It's a small, cheap drone that can manuever quickly around the battlefield. The cons are that it's a very fragile aircraft, and deals little damage on itself. [*] Plasma Gunship "SD-04", larger, and more advanced counterpart to SD-01, which includes modernized plasma cannon, and upgraded armor, allowing it to deal more damage while withstanding more of it, although because of it's larger size, and bigger components, it's slower than the drone. [*] Biter "SD-09" is a completely new type of aircraft that uses very advanced plasma cutters capable of dealing damage from a long distance. It's a melee, close combat aircraft that utilises it's light weight weaponry with experimental plasma propulsion system - EPPS 3. [*] Dreadnought "SD-10 Heavy" is an experimental siege aircraft with very powerful anti-matter missiles that are capable of bringing down entire bases down. Unfortunately, AM Missiles are slow, and very difficult to operate, causing slow reload times, and slow missile speed, which in return is easy to escape or intercept safely down. [*] Nuclear Drone "ND-1" is as the name implies, a drone with a nuclear payload that is able to annihilate armies and buildings in one explosion using nuclear fission explosion. It was used as a solution for the Uranium Incident in 2010, often commonly deployed next to Biters for protection to deliver the payload at critical locations. It has been reconfigured to not just transport Uranium, but also create explosive fission upon detonation. [*] DFAH-22 is a result of modernisation project for USC National Guard and TRR Airforce in a collaboration to create new, universal aerial attack vehicle for a cheap price. DFAH-22 is a small, mostly used out of stock components vehicle armed with LR-20 MG, which comes back to the kinetic rounds roots, while one shot is incredibly weak, a full round on the other hand is devastating, and LR-5 Rockets "Dry", which are SSM rockets with a short range and low damage output. It's components are constructed from Dawfire inc. from their prefabed general use modules. [/list] [img]https://i.imgur.com/hvSFvr8.png[/img] [b]Marcopts is a new, very small defense corporation with it's HQ based in the Far East, it's currently developing. It was founded in 2015.[/b] [list] [*] Night Yard Helicopter "NY-2" is a basic attack helicopter with it's own fixed missiles that simultaneously can aim both at air and ground. It was commonly used in the small conflict of Pyra, NY-2 killed 90 confirmed targets, while only lost 8 and damaged 11 NY-2's. It's mediocre. It's not tough, not too strong either. [/list] [img]https://i.imgur.com/XDXf5za.png[/img] [b]DB corporation specialises in transport. It mostly produces civilian aircraft, but it also does project military-purposed transports. It was founded in 1991[/b] [list] [*] S-1 is a small transporter that transports only 1 unit but it compensates for it by it's agility, speed and price. It's a common unit even in civilian market. [*] S-2 is a medium transporter that transports up to 6 units which slows it down by a lot, and it's also massive compared to it's predecessor. It's strictly military licensed, making it higher cost. [*] S-3 is a large transporter that transports 10 units, and it is the toughest of all it's predecessors before. It's a high-cost high-ability copter. It had been designed by a cooperation of DB and Marcopts. [*] S-4 is a vessel capable of achieving suborbital travel alone, or orbital travel with boosters. It's a huge unit that transports the double of S-3, for a higher price and a slower speed. It's too big for Air Factories, and instead it can only be built and launched at Orbital Launch Facilities. DB cooperated with Dawfire inc. to create an orbital vessel, based on Dawfire's propulsion technology. [/list] [img]https://i.imgur.com/qZetSPu.png[/img] [b]Orbital Responsibility is an European company specializing in military industry in space and in the air. It was founded in 1982. During 1982-1999 it was a civilian space industry company that specialized in satellites and rocket deliveries. In 2000 it was inherited by Jaroslav Kowalsky. He is the first person to bring space industry into military sector.[/b] [list] [*] GV-1, Early gunship, it utilises supposedly stolen Saux inc. technology, which in return led them to the court by Saux, in which they have been found innocent. Fast,powerful,costly. [*] GV-2 [*] GV-3 [*] GV-4 [*] LAAV [*] AAV [*] Cover [*] Frigate [*] Kodiak [*] Battleship/cruiser [/list] ALL UNITS: -Missile Aircraft, similiar to Missile Airship, but better and larger, tech 2. -Plasma Gunship, Gunship that is very fast, shoots even faster and deals a small amount of damage per hit and is vulnerable alone, tech 2. -Drone, Fast, shoots a bit slower than gunship, small amount of damage per hit, low HP, cheap, tech 2. -Wall, Cheap, fast to build, blocks off enemies, great to make secure bases. -S-1, Very fast, can transport only one unit, cheap and very vulnerable, tech 1, can't attack. -S-2, Slow, transports up to 6 units, can't attack, tech 2. -S-3, Slower than S-2, can transport 10 units, has more HP than S-2 and costs more, tech 2, can't attack. -Dreadnought, Slow, extremely powerful, hard to destroy even for nukes, experimental, very weak against laser defence [Without any other units to absorb enemy laser defence, Dreadnought is useless]. -Night Yard Helicopter, advanced helicopter that is fast but slower than basic one, stronger and it costs more, tech 1. -Biter,mechanical flying bot that bites enemies until they all die, or the bot gets destroyed. It's weak, both in attack and defense but it's fast, cheap and powerful in swarms, tech 1. -Mothership, an ultimate carrier, very slow but very powerful. -Greebug, a flying bug that spawns flying bugs that can create bug nests,extractors etc. It also has offensive capabilities, making it multi-task bug. -Flygruck, attack craft, can transform from a mecha to an aircraft, as a mecha it only attacks ground and underwater targets if it lands on the water with it sonar capabilities but is slow, as an aircraft, it acts like air superiority fighter that attacks only air units, very fast as an aircraft. -MAE-1, an advanced builder that has an ability to fly and build very quickly, unfortunately, the price's high and it's very vulnerable, without escort on large distances it's almost a death wish for it. -Nuclear Drone, unmanned flying vessel that has a 50T Nuclear tactical warhead inside of it. It's extremely weak and can be shot down by basic units but it can target air units, land units and even underwater units with it's own sonar, it's built in experimental land factory. -GV-1, Gunshp capable of tracking down air,land and sea targets. -Dimension Cube, Superweapon capable of destroying half of the map in the single shot, really,REALLY long to build, Unstoppable [except laser defences but that can be easily dealt with with a good shot to right unit.] -GV-2 -Battleship -Battlecruiser -Orbital Launcher -SpySat -ASF-1 -ASF-6 -AAV -LAAV -GV-3 -Cover -Advanced Drone -S4 -Kodiak -Heavy Frigate -GV-3 -DFAH-22 [img]https://i.imgur.com/ULQN5vn.gif[/img]