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Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion

[h1]Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion[/h1] [h1]Main forum thread:[/h1] https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=28731.0 Hello fellow rimworlders ! This mod aims to enrich the bionics and surgery gameplay as much as possible, without being intrusive to the vanilla experience. While originally intended to be a streamlined and 'improved' version of Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering, which it still is to some degree, it is now also a standalone and complete medical mod. This mod features all kinds of prostheses and bionic parts, bone repairs and scar healing surgeries, for your needs. Your colonists will, however, struggle for a while if they lose limbs or become severely crippled in the early game, until you manage to craft the rare and expensive bionic parts. You can still make simple prostheses and repair shattered bones relatively fast after researching it, but the resource cost is quite high for most things. Peg legs, wooden feet and dentures are of course always available for free. ;-) Early colony life was never easy ! [b]Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion: The normal version is a bit more 'fair', in terms of resource costs, compared to the Hardcore Edition. Great for medium difficulties, especially on Randy and Phoebe.[/b] -- RBSE is a standalone bionics and surgery mod. Do not install RBSE with EPOE -- [h1]Main features:[/h1] - Bionic Workbench: craft an array of bionic prostheses. (simple parts available at a machining table) - Advanced Medical Station: craft advanced bionic prostheses, synthetic organs and brain implants. - Bone repairs for femurs, tibias etc. (spinal fusion included) - Old scars and gunshot wounds can be cured with Glitterworld medicine after research. (brain scars must be cured in other ways) - Cures for Frailty, Sleeping sickness, Muscle parasites, Mechanites, Gut worms and other infections. (Late game tech) - All bionic parts cost quite a bit of resources, mainly in plasteel and components. (ex: 1 bionic arm costs 80 plasteel and 6 components.) - Most simple prosthetic parts cost steel and components. (ex: 1 simple prosthetic arm costs 120 steel and 4 components.) - Balanced bionic parts: Decked out bionic pawns are powerful, but not game breakingly overpowered. - Organ rejection system for natural organ transplants. (vanilla friendly) (can be toggled on/off in mod settings) - Organs need refrigeration to avoid rot and decay. - 3 new chronic diseases: Chronic kidney disease, congenital heart defect, chronic stomach disorder. - 3 new brain implants for the late game. Enhancing effects and brain disease / damage cures. - Bionics and surgery research tree with its own research tab. - 3 implant colors: Light blue for simple parts, blue for bionics and purple for advanced parts. - Medicine and Glitterworld Medicine have original red colors from A16. - White textures for Royalty parts to better fit the medical theme. - Death Acidifiers can be removed after researching Advanced Bionics. - Redundancy kept to a minimum. - Bug fixes and balance work. [h1]Extras:[/h1] - [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850428056]RBSE Hardcore Edition:[/url] This version has higher resource costs, and is therefore best suited for players who are looking for a bigger challenge. Works great on the harder difficulties, especially with Cassandra. - [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RtDLi-73uBQb4CYysYjXGaR8A4eNGeENDBgX2sqAXLE/edit?usp=sharing] RBSE parts spreadsheet:[/url] All RBSE part values. (Google doc links blocked on steam. link is 100% safe) - [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2583529720]Rah's Vanilla Turrets Expansion:[/url] New rebalanced turret mod for Rimworld 1.3 with 9 strong turrets for the mid and late game ! - [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=746425621]A Dog Said link. [/url] Don't need a patch. - [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850073860]1.3 Hardcore Armors [/url] Advanced power armor mod. Vanilla friendly ! [h1]Translations:[/h1] [b]Special thanks to Ghrull for the SPANISH translation.[/b] [b]Special thanks to Well for the RUSSIAN translation.[/b] [b]Special thanks to AmUnRA for the GERMAN translation.[/b] [b]Special thanks to Duduluu for the CHINESE translation.[/b] [b]Special thanks to MilSu-UpZa for the KOREAN translation.[/b] [b]Special thanks to Jozay for the FRENCH translation.[/b] [b]Special thanks to Cpl.Hicks for the POLISH translation.[/b] Big thanks to Ykara for his EPOE mod, Minus for his Extended Surgery mod, and kaptain_kavern and Aristocat for some of the coding / inspiration. Also thanks to all the people who have offered feedback and suggestions. And a big thanks to Danimineiro, Haplo and K for their dll files. [url=https://ko-fi.com/rahmods] [img]http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/09c7/2squ1gu1jjzcdr4zg.jpg[/img] [/url] [h1]If you like this mod, don't hesitate to give it a thumbs up ! And if you're feeling generous, feel free to donate a coffee in the link above ! Enjoy <3[/h1]