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Enhanced Raiders

EDIT: 1.0 VERSION HERE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1579186918 Increases the quality of gear available to raiders/all NPC pawns, about doubles the maximum money they can get to equip themselves, and makes sure they bring along plenty of food too. Also increases the possibility of raiders having bionics and combat drugs. Fair warning, this mod will make raiders MUCH more evenly equipped with your pawns, and many will show up in power armor with decent weapons. This does not affect raid size scaling in any way. The raids you experience will be the same size as they would otherwise be, but their gear will generally be much better. Not always, but very very often. Probably not incompatible with any other mods, unless they change vanilla PawnKindDefs. UPDATE 12/13/17: - Fixed caravan raiders and faction base guards carrying a small muffalo worth of food on their persons. - Fixed all raiders not carrying some form of food (what would they even eat on their way to your base, or back?). - All npc pawns should now carry 0-4 meals when they spawn. Please let me know if this turns out to be enough to be a primary food source for a colony; it SHOULDN'T be, however, but I'm aware that it will definitely help sometimes. It's partly a realism change, partly to help stop siegers and (especially) sappers from starving before actually getting anywhere.