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Anomlian Order Faction (1.1 update)

Brings a brand new faction into Rimworld called the Anomlian Order. They're a bunch of imperalistic space knights who use weapons and armor stylized after medieval times. Comes with the faction, new weapons, armor, research, and items all related to the Order. Anomlian weapons have a high rate of fire and bullet speed, but come at the cost of accuracy, as well as below-average damage and range. All artwork created by me. Anything else belongs to their respective owners (ie: Rimworld weapon sounds) Updates: V#1.1- Nerfed the majority of the weapons and especially the armor, added the new Anomlian Breastplate which will be worn by security and riot pawns. v#1.2- Nerfed more weapons and fixed a conflict issue in the def files v#1.3- Major balancing changes to the weapons, where I compared them all to the vanilla weapons and made changes so that they better fit into the world. Any balancing feedback or suggestions are highly appreciated.