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Anime Character Framework (Steam placeholder is a Konosuba Scenario Theme start) (OUTDATED)

[b]OUTDATED[/b] This mod more than likely does not work anymore Following my decision to create more Anime characters and in order to avoid cluttering up the Steam workshop I am converting this mod into a placeholder for the Anime Character Pack hosted on Nexus Currently this Steam workshop file merely contains the Konosuba themed start which works well naturally with the Konosuba preset hosted on Nexus. So to repeat the actual file you are looking for is on Nexus via a link provided. https://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/231/? (Note, Steam sometimes may view Nexus as a virus site therefore you have to manually enter the link into your search engine, Nexus is not a virus. (Konosuba Start) Following one too many of Aquas drinking debts going unpaid, the party and co find themselves on the run from the townsfolk The escape was going as planned had it not been for a certain crazy loli. Now with a ship crumbling around them, and a useless Goddess crying its not her fault, Kazuma and co have no choice but to flee to the horrors which lay below [b]I know the mod requirements seem off putting but they're actually not as a couple you shouldn't even need and are listed just because I had them active when I made this. But you should really be using these mods anyways because they are improvements for the game If you are only interested in the link for the characters themselves then still subscribe and like the mod so others can be blessed by this useless party[/b] [b]Description[/b] This is a start based on the popular Light Novel/Anime series, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (English - God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!) aka Konosuba I do not own Konosuba or any works within it. All rights to the original creators of Konosuba. This is a user created item that adheres to fair use rules. [b]What do I start with?(vanilla)[/b] Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 7 people, chosen from 7. Arrive in drop pods. Start with: -Silver x100 -Packaged survival meal x60 -Medicine x25 -Component x30 -Cat x1 -Steel x400 -Beer x80 -Wood x300 -Steel longsword -Steel knife x2 -Recurve bow Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x4 -Steel x200 -Packaged survival meal x10 [b]IMPORTANT[/b] Steam only allows you to upload the Scenario file to workshop meaning if you download and launch this item as is you will only get some Konosuba flavour text and a cat. This is why I have included a link to a EDB prepare carefully preset for download and specified a number of mods you will "need." A couple of the mods you might not actually need, mainly hair and fashion ones, but they are commonly used mods and I had them loaded in my game when setting this up and given they are not known to conflict with anything you might as well just use them and if you don't need them remove them if you really want The Manga face and the body mod I think I can say are optional as they are texture replacers but given the theme you might as well install them because they look pretty neat. The Magic mod and EPOE are [b]ESSENTIAL[/b] [b]Character info in the discussion page[/b] [b]Installation[/b] 1 - Subscribe to the mod 2 - Subscribe to the required mods 3 - Download the preset (https://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/231/?) (Steam thinks Nexus is a virus so you're gonna have to manually enter it into your search so don't be lazy like Aqua) 4 - Navigate to C:\Users\"your name"\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\PrepareCarefully and place the .pcp file there 5 - Fire up the game and activate the required mods and whatever other mods you wanna use 6 - Select the scenario and go through the options for whatever difficulty you want, starting location etc. 7 - When you are on the character screen click "Prepare Carefully" then click "Load Preset" and select Konosuba 8 - Make any changes to the characters or your starting items as you desire and launch the game 9 - Survive [b]FAQ[/b] Q) Who are the 7 characters? A) - Kazuma - Megumin - Darkness - Aqua - Wiz - Yunyun - Chris (by popular demand) Q) Why the additional 3? A) I was going to just make a release with the 4 main party members but then I realised that Aqua is probably going to be so detrimental to early game that you might need help and when I added Wiz I thought "Hey might as well add another couple" and thus you have the additional of Yunyun and Chris. Besides, this will mean less "Why isn't she in this mod?" comments Q) Why is Aqua so terrible and good for nothing? A) Because she is. That's Aqua, an overpowered individual who has the worst traits imaginable and will not lift a finger to do anything unless it benefits her. She is good at social skills when she isn't angering you though. Q) What's the deal with Megumin? A) Basically Rimworld recognises having an eyepatch as being a disability so to offset the negative debuffs this gives I decided to give Megumin her "Crimson Red Eye" in this case a bionic eye to offset the debuff Q) Why is Darkness actually useful in a fight here? A) Unfortunantly Rimworld isn't exactly the type of game where a person like Darkness would survive very long. Due to this Darkness is a capable melee fighter with speed and dodge bonuses to help her in a fight. She does still enjoy pain though so feel free to rough her up if you need to increase her mood Q) Hold up, did I read Chris's stats right? This is a mistake right? A) Go read the Light Novel or type "Konosuba Chris" into a search engine (or better yet actually don't) Q) Why is A Rimworld of Magic and EPOE necessary? A) A Rimworld of Magic is needed for Aqua, Megumin, Wiz and Yunyun to use magic. EPOE is needed for Megumin to have her eye patch Q) I found something wrong A) Clearly write in the comments what the issue is and how it happened. Although I believe any issues which could arise would be due to the mods themselves conflicting with any other mods you are using in which case there is very little I can do as this is just a Scenario with optional custom characters Q) Any chance of a translation? A) Probably not as I only speak English so I'd be relying on internet translate software and I've learned that doesn't really work so well in nearly all cases. Besides, if you are viewing this mod you probably have a good understanding of English anyways.