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Ground War

Infantry based units and mostly boots on the ground firefights. [h1]NOTE[/h1] This mod is far from complete Some buildings are vanilla and used as a placeholder until future changes. [h1]Units[/h1] ------------------------ Infantry ------------------------ Engineer - Constructs buildings Assault - Basic attack unit Combat Medic - Attack unit that automatically heals units within range Grenadier - Anti-air, can also target ground units dealing high damage. Flamethrower - Crowd control unit. Sniper - Long range, slow fire rate and high damage unit. Juggernaught - Highly armor offensive unit. Zombie - Slow melee attack unit (not part of usual gameplay) ------------------------ Vehicle/Transport ------------------------ Transport Truck - Transports up to 10 units, fast movement. Helicoptor - Transports up to 4 units over water. ------------------------ Other/Misc ------------------------ Headquaters - Command center with anti-air defence, forcing a ground assault. Zombie nest - Builds zombie units (not part of usual gameplay) Wall - Used for defending important checkpoints or slowing down ambushes. Watchtower - Reveals a great view thought the fog of war. MG Nest - Defence turret. The addition of zombies will be based on future mission maps and challenges and will have nothing to do with the main aspect of the mod. This mod is due many new additions, bug fixes and changes.