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[B18] Generic Spacer Player Faction

Adds a generic spacer faction that the player can use in any scenario, without the need to muck about with the starting conditions. Alongside 'New Arrivals' and 'New Tribe', you can now choose 'New Outpost' in the scenario editor. Changes from the classic start: - Spacer tech level - Extra starting research: Autodoors, Hydroponics, Microelectronics Basics, Geothermal Power, Smithing, Machining, Drug Production, Medicine Production - Starting pawns can generate with hyperweave as well as synthread apparel Uses xml patching to add 'spacerstart' alongside 'classicstart' and 'tribalstart' in research project defs. May cause conflicts with other mods that patch the same defs. Or may not. Probably not. No idea. notes - Must be something better than 'New Outpost' - Smithing and Machining are pre-reqs of Microelectronics, otherwise I'd leave them out There's also a generic spacer scenario I made as an example. I'll link it here -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1223578237