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[1.3] Wild Animal Sex + Behaviors V6.2

LET THERE BE SEX!!! A mini-mod for those players who (like me), prefer the wild animals to behave normally - and actually mate in the wild. Have fun! 【 WARNING 】 IF YOU DONT WANT BOOMRATS TO OVERLOAD YOUR MAP YOU NEED ONE OF THESE MODS: If you want boomers to not be spawned at all: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1271582812 If you want to make Boomers to be hunted by Predators: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1511181700 --- FORUM LINK: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=37461.0 NON-STEAM DOWNLOAD: http://walkingproblem.com/sdm_downloads/1-0-wild-animal-sex-4-1/ STEAM DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224175982 OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://walkingproblem.com/ DEVELOPER’S DISCORD: https://discord.gg/W2Vb27T FACEBOOK PAGE: http://fb.com/walkingproblem TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KingProDios YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgUW0Ls2wbY8h79pV9xnMjw TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/walkingproblem FUND MY MODS @ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/walkingproblem BUY ME A MEAL/COFFEE: https://ko-fi.com/walkingproblem --- 1 August 2021: Quick Update ChangeLog: - predators now have a new "scavenge" job which triggers at 75% hunger. - the custom predator hunt mode will now trigger only at 55% hunger. 29 July 2021: [1.3] Wild Animal Sex + Behaviors V6.2 update~ Changelog: - added wild animal framework into wild animal sex; was will now be known as was + waf - added predators will now hunt when their food need reaches 75% <--- this will help to keep population lower and increase the amount of hunting; as well as provide food for their young - predators will not eat their young unless they are very hungry - predators will take a nap if they are full (creating more variable sleep patterns) - removed pregnant notifications entirely - wild animal need tab is added in advanced animal framework - baby predators will follow their parents around until adulthood - mod setting ecosystem preylimit is changed from 1~10 to 1~100 ; 15 being "default" range. - wild animal sex's own ecosystem engine is recoded - the "points" for prey ecoanimalweight is changed according to changes in rimworld 1.3; This took me more than 12 hours straight of work. WAS is now WASB. Will be adding relatively realistic animal behaviors gradually. I started off with predators, changing their hunting habits a little and their babies would follow their parent. Predators also sleep when they are full, rather than wasting energy walking all over the place. ---- CHANGELOG 4.1: – resolved the harmless "overpopulationalert" thingy red alert. CHANGELOG 4.0: – updated to Rimworld 1.0 CHANGELOG 3.2: – corrected prey calculation error. Now the prey calculation is correct now. CHANGELOG 3.1: – time counting for predator and prey introduction is redone; previously I mistakenly use Real Time to calculate spawning; it is now in game time – predators in prey overpopulation situation will only spawn every half a day – prey introduction only dice roll once a day (1/6 chance to spawn new prey animal) – added mod setting option to disable seeing the Overpopulation and Stable population alerts to have a more “realistic” game experience CHANGELOG 3.0: – big predators are only introduced 1/3 the chances of smaller predators – new preys will now be introduced at random as long as the map is not overpopulated prey. This is done because the game will not introduce new prey once the vanilla game’s animal limit is hit. – predators entering via prey overpopulation now enters hungry (so they will hunt immediately) – added “ecosystem is balanced” alert to keep player informed of the prey and predator numbers – now prey and predator population will always be shown via the alert on the right column of the screen – changed the codes to ensure that new animals are always introduced from the edge of the map CHANGELOG 2.2: - Changed Level 10 Prey Population Limit to "No Limit" CHANGELOG 2.1: - Removed "Biome Not Full" debug log. CHANGELOG 2.0: - Added Mod Setting option to adjust Prey Population Limit CHANGELOG 1.7: - Double prey population limit to previous level (sorry lagging guys, get a new computer) - Added Prey Limit, Current Prey Population, Number of Prey and Number of Predator stats to the Overpopulation Alert description box CHANGELOG 1.6: - Reduced prey population limit by half. - Disable deterioration for vanilla fertilized eggs. CHANGELOG 1.5: - Slowed down predator spawn to once a day - Disable spawning of "unnatural animals" - Fixed spawning locations - Doubled prey population limit CHANGELOG 1.4: - Now the mod detects prey population in relation to how much prey a biome can support - If there is an overpopulation of prey, predators will be spawned periodically until the prey population drop below the overpopulation limit - Hunger rates of all the predators are reset back to default CHANGELOG 1.3: - Increased vanilla predators spawn rates by 3 times. CHANGELOG 1.2: - Increased most predators hunger rates by at least twice - This is to balance against the increased number of rodent preys from breeding CHANGELOG 1.1: - Enabled pets to mate with wild animals (and vice versa) - As this update remove faction check, pets - wild animals - other faction's pets - caravan animals : may all have a big orgy. --- FEED A WALKING PROBLEM If you can spare 5 dollars a month... do think about me, and treat me to a meal: https://ko-fi.com/walkingproblem