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!!! HEY GUYS, I haven't updated the mod in almost 2 years and probably won't again. Every patch breaks the mod so I presume it will break your game if you use this version. If you somehow found yourself here wanting to try it out, use KiameVivacity's version instead, you can find their stuff in the comments or at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014838309 The Monstergirls have come to join your colony. They are: The cowgirls, who make nice milk. The pack animals, centaurs and dryads. The black harpies and red harpies, who produce beautful plumage. The ice fairies and forest fairies, who produce weird dust. The slimegirls, who make red potions. The strange creature, the Impmother. The thrumbogirls and the dragongirls, who are strong fighters. All are advanced intelligence except slimegirls. They are good to keep as pets.