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Easy Bonemerge Tool

An improved bonemerge tool. Features: * Support for effects * Proper undo system * Ability to remove already merged props * Ghost preview * Duplicator support * Ability to bonemerge props to yourself * Is not limited to props at all. You can use ANY entity. * Unlimited bonemerging depth ( See last screenshot ) [b][h1]Usage[/h1][/b]It is a TOOL under "Robotboy655" category. Scroll down your tool list. If you can't read that it says on the screen here's how you use it: 1) Right click on an entity you want to add props to ( Press Use + Right Click to target yourself ) 2) Left click on as much props as you desire 3) Celebrate with fireworks [h1][b]This is not a magic "put the prop into ragdoll hand tool". If you do not know what it does, do not use it and don't complain it doesn't work.[/b][/h1]