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A cold fusion reactor for late-game power. Harness the power of the stars, without the real estate and safety headaches that usually come with owning a colossal sphere of hydrogen/helium plasma. Features: * Mod content is unlocked by researching the ship reactor research node. * New Building: Cold Fusion Reactor. Requires 100 Plasteel, 25 Components. Produces 25000 power. Uses Hydrogen fuel. * New Item: Hydrogen. Produced at a Drug Lab (it's the closest thing to a chemistry bench) from 2 Steel. * Doesn't require a new save game. The purpose of this mod is to alleviate the enormous fields of solar panels/wind turbines/fueled generators and batteries that plague very-late-game power management. In particular, I was annoyed with having to either dedicate a huge swathe of my map to solar panels or basically deforest the entire map in 1-year cycles to keep an enormous array of generators fed. Things I would like to work on in the future: * Make hydrogen explode in spectacular fashion if it gets set on fire. * Make the reactor require a live power connection to start (since reactors need some initial power to start the fusion reaction). * Make a workbench just for creating hydrogen. * Make the work chain for hydrogen longer: put in a pump building that produces water, then use water to be refined into heavy water, then have heavy water refined into deuterium. * Create a research node called "Superconductors" to unlock the fusion reactor. Accuracy remarks: * Technically, deuterium or tritium would probably be used in a fusion reactor. I've alluded to this in the art for the hydrogen canisters, but I'm just calling it hydrogen for simplicity's sake. * It makes no sense for steel to be used to make deuterium. But Rimworld already uses steel for tons of wacky uses (concrete?) and Rimworld doesn't already have an item for water or something similar, and in this first pass I didn't want to make it that in-depth. * This mod doesn't even really have much to do with "cold" fusion. But cold fusion sounds way cooler than normal fusion, so that's what I'm calling it. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/