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TI - Joins+ [A16]

Joins+ Intents to adjust the manner in which people join your colony. Previously people could join your colony just by wandering by, and this often left you with a lot of useless pawns (Models...) that joined your colony at random. Some people might like this, however I'm sure some others do not. This mod fixes this by adjusting the Wanderer Joins event, and now gives you some basic information about them (Name, Job, Age) and allows you to determine whether or not they can join your colony. This mod will in future adjust other manners in which colonists can join, including people joining after you rescue them... You should be able to help people without offering to recruit them, at the minute the best method of circumnavigating this is to capture people instead of just helping them, which is dodgy at best. --- This mod detours the original WandererJoins event, any other mod that detours this will cause errors. However mods edit definitions only will be fine (Frequency, etc.) --- Requires HugsLib - A fantastic lightweight library providing useful functions for developers and players alike. Languages: English - Myself Russian - [url=http://steamcommunity.com/id/XenomorphChyma]I'm sorry[/url] Contact me to add more translations!

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