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FireFoam Mortar [A17][DISCONTINUED]

[h1][b]This mod will not be getting an update to B18 or onword! Thanks for the support![/b][/h1] Since the devs reworked the morter mechanics and officially added the "Firefoam shell" item in the game, this mod will be discontinued, so no update for B18. [b]Thanks again for all the suggestions and bug reports in the comments!![/b] [h1][b]This mod adds...[/b][/h1] A mortar that shoots firefoam shell that can [b]extinguish fire!![/b](eventually) [h1][b]Note that...[/b][/h1] Both "Mortar" and "Firefoam" needs to be researched in order to use a firefoam mortar. The firefoam mortar's accuracy is improved to 10.(other mortars are 11) Also, the cooldown is reduced to 15sec. The cost for constructing a firefoam mortar is increased compared to the other mortars. If you order a colonist to man a firefoam mortar while there is enemy in the map, and you haven't set the "forced attack" mode, then the colonist will [b]aim the firefoam mortar at the enemy.[/b] This mod should work with an existing save file. If there is any bug, question, or suggestion, feel free to comment. [h1][b]My other mods[/b][/h1] [b]"Accurate Mortars"[/b] - Makes all of the vanilla mortars more fast and accurate. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881580886 [b]"Accurate Mortars Lite"[/b] - The same mod above. But without the cooldown reduction. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882924533