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Nanotrasen's Armory - CR Patch - Speedybst version

Original Version can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=848310629 All credit to rydur and the Combat Realism team, all this does is add in a few missed lines of code that prevent the Nanotrasen Armory ammunitions from appearing on stockpile lists (Mostly just some thingCatagories missing from the ammo files and a catagory file). Should rydur decide that they'd rather update their mod than have this version floating around, then i'll remove this from the workshop and give them the files. Save compatibility: Complete and total, since it just adds to the code of the CR patch rather than altering it - You can switch one out for the other without any ill effect that i've noticed in testing. Don't use this with rydur's version simply because it's redundent; use either this version or theirs, as this contains all of their code plus the lines required to fix storage areas/furnitures Obviously, this isn't a standalone mod, just like rydur's you'll still need the Nanotrasen Armory mod