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WM Smarter food selection

THIS MOD IS NOW DISCONTINUED AND DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY ANYMORE. Text me if you are interested in taking over the mod. 1.0 version here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2015294650 Mod Website https://github.com/juliencsharp/Smarter.food.selection [b]Allows you to restrict the foods of your pawns (prisoners, animals, ascetic, cannibal).[/b] * In-game UI to individually assign food policies. * Force your pets to eat grass, human corpses, hay.... * Better food selection algorithm. * Upgraded and smarter nutrient paste dispenser. * Make your pet hunt for their own food. * Animals will now search their food all across the map. * Use Hotkey (default "\") to display food search information. Useful to check the behavior of the mod with custom policies. * Save compatible. [h1]If you like this mod, please consider supporting me on [url=https://www.patreon.com/wishmaster_rimworld]Patreon[/url] [url=https://ko-fi.com/A8411U3G]...or just offer me a coffee[/url].[/h1] [b]Previous releases.[/b] https://github.com/Wishmaster01/Smarter.food.selection/releases [h1]Policies and food assignment [/h1] * Assign policies individually to your pawns. * Policies will favor or forbids some foods or hunting. * Visitors and other friendly/neutral pawns have their own policy and you can not change it. * Create your own policies with XML (comes with presets). Example here: https://pastebin.com/QTAbERE0 [h1]Nutrient Paste Dispenser[/h1] * Force the dispenser to output meals. * Visitors will use the NPD instead of picking the food from hoppers. * You can use the NPD from a prisoner's room to feed injured prisoners. * NPD will select the best ingredients according to the eater. When possible, cannibals and animals will get human meat. It will avoid human and insect meat for others. * (Optional). The dispenser will create a specific nutrient paste item if it contains human meat. Useful to avoid to stack with other meals and mix ingredients. * Fixes the vanilla bug where attempting to deliver food to a prisoner room with an empty NPD produces an error. [h1]Animals / pets / handling[/h1] * Your pets become miraculously smart even they will respect the policy you assigned to them. * The default pets policy makes them pick food in the following order (when they can eat it): [Grass > Hunting (predator race) > Humanlike corpse > Hay > Nutrient paste > Kibble > Human raw meat > Insect raw meat > Raw food bad > Raw food tasty* > Corpses > Insect corpses > Simple meal > Fine meal > Lavish meal] * Avoid your pets to get hurt while hunting. You can set a maximum predator/prey strength ratio beyond which they will not target a prey. (Vanilla is 0.5, mod default is 0.25). Check mod settings, not policy. * Colonists will prefer using the best food for taming and training. [h1]Special traits (Ascetic, Cannibal, Incapacitated)[/h1] * All of those have their own preset policy. * Ascetic will always prefer nutrient paste meals instead of being indifferent. * Cannibal will prefer meals with human meat and the dispenser will give them human meat meals. * Incap. can't go berserk right ? Just feed them like ascetic colonists or even animals. (Assign a policy). [h1]Caravans[/h1] * Food policies are applied to your pawns in caravan. [h1]Custom policies[/h1] * Use this example https://pastebin.com/QTAbERE0 * Place your file in Defs/Policies . * You can also use files in Defs/Policies as examples ! [b]* Watch out for unique label and defnames[/b] * The mod root folder should be somewhere in \SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\887716138 * To see how your policy acts, assign a pawn with your policy and select it. then press "\" (default key) to cycle through display modes. [h1]LIMITATIONS[/h1] * You cannot customize policies in-game for now. You can only create them with XML or use presets. * For now you CANNOT assign policies to pawn while they are traveling as a caravan. The policy in effect while traveling is the policy you have set while a map (=not traveling). Be careful. [h1]KNOWN ISSUES[/h1] * Recruited prisoners will keep their default policy to prisoners. (seems to happen with Hospitality only). * Colonists will not fill the hoppers to get food from the NPD. * Taming colonists will pick unlimited quantities of food when no appropriate food is available for the tamee. ONLY when "control pets" option is disabled. * Some performance issues when having a lot of pets eating grass. * Some pets like cats will wrongly prefer simple and nutrient paste over kibble. * Cannibal feeding a patient with a nutrient paste dispenser will dispense a human meat meal if possible even if the patient is NOT cannibal. * "Cannibal nutrient paste meal" produce by dispenser can be found among traders. Those do not contain human meat however and are just like the regular paste meal. [h1]COMPATIBILITY[/h1] Combat Extended * trying to tame/train with hay or more will make the colonist pick up and drop hay endlessly. * The mod should be compatible with most mods that add more foods. Such as VG (to be checked). * SFS dynamically categories all food definitions from every mod. This affects how policies affect their selection. You can see all those information on the "compatibility report" of the mod printed in the log on start. * If it appears that some items are not correctly classified, the mod supports XML "compatibility patches". They will force a set of foods to appear in a given category. * Everything needed to create those patches is the Defs/Compatibility folder of the mod. [h1]Planned features[/h1] * Better UI. * Create custom policies in-game. * Change taming policy. * Complete paste dispenser rework (built-in freezer and storage tbh, pets can use it, smaller meals for small pets). * Pets will take their dead prey to the nearest storage. * Change caravans policies. * Food selection depending on the rot time. Complete description https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=30708.0 Version 2.3 B19 Credits * UnlimitedHugs for HugsLib and for assistance. * Pardekei for Harmony, which is an awsome library to. * [url=https://www.patreon.com/wishmaster_rimworld]To my supporters on Patreon :) [/url]

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