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Visions of the great beyond

(Best Played on Rough or Higher Difficulty) You are a humble Tribe of friends that stuck together through thick and thin, fought through many battles and moved camps more than you can remember losing valuables each time you move. Till one day a member of the tribe finds parts of fall spacecrafts and wonders if they could one day fly off into the sky and leave thier problems behind. with new hopes they begin to learn and gather all that is needed to build such a craft to send them to the great beyond. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 6 people. Start with research: Brewing Start with research: Stonecutting Start with: -Simple meal x30 -Wood x500 -Component x10 -Short bow x3 -Steel shiv x3 -Steel x82 -Chicken x4 -Husky x2 -Wood x20 -Medicine x20